August 19, 2019
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    Lanka to attract USD 1 mn business from Japan IT sector Featured

    May 16, 2019

    Sri Lankan ICT,BPM delegation at Japan IT Week expects to attract USD 1 mn worth of business by end of 2019. In addition, few companies are expecting to sign joint ventures with leading Japanese companies in the ICT/BPM sector in the near future. With Government of Sri Lanka’s continuous efforts to drive economy through digital adaptation and innovation, the Sri Lanka Export Development Board organized Sri Lankan ICT/BPM delegation has successfully concluded the participation at Japan IT Week 2019 from May 8-10 with a roaring success by generating average 65-70 initial business contacts and out of which 30-35 are potential conversions.

    This is the fifth consecutive year that the EDB has organized the country pavilion at Japan IT Week and more than 25 companies have been able to embark into Japanese market through those missions. EDB will also support the local companies to mediate further discussions with the potential leads and to ensure that sustainability and successful business and corporation is achieved as a result of the mission.
    Japan IT Week is one of the world’s leading ICT/BPM focused exhibitions and provides a myriad of opportunities for professionals, vendors, service providers and customers to meet exhibitors from across the world and develop profitable business relationships. Japan has a strong track record of innovation, making Japan IT Week the ideal platform for Sri Lankan companies to showcase their offerings, establish business relations and expand their footprint in the continent.
    This year the EDB introduced Creative Hub (Pvt) Ltd, EasyBooking (Pvt Ltd), Outsmart Hub (Pvt) Ltd, Somro BPO (Pvt) Ltd and Genesiis (Pvt) Ltd to the Japanese market for the first time, while BeyondM (Pvt) Ltd, Metatechno Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Global Tutor (Pvt) Ltd, Sanota (Pvt) Ltd joined the delegation to strengthen existing business and expand their footprint in Japan. The companies were able to enhance their knowledge on the Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Automation, IoT and high demanding technologies in Japan.

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