December 16, 2019
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    “Some Members of Tamil Diaspora Pump in Money to Create Chaos in Jaffna for Their Survival Overseas” – Jaffna Commander

    August 25, 2014

    Commander Security Force Jaffna Major General Udaya Perera recently said that tense situation in Jaffna helps some factions of Tamil Diaspora to survive in those countries and they are spending plenty of money through extremist local political elements to create mayhem in Jaffna.


    Major General Perera revealed this addressing a team of foreign Defence Attachés of 11countries including Australia, Ghana, Zambia and Netherlands, based in India, who toured in the North after attending the 4th Defence Seminar in Colombo. Major General (Retd) Ashok Metha of Indian Army also attended the meeting as a special guest.


    SF Commander who gave a brief introduction of social, cultural and religious background of Jaffna described the role of military in post-war Jaffna giving humanitarian assistance to people and assisting development programmes to the visiting military officers. “Although this Headquarters has launched 17 projects to uplift education, health, economy and sports through the Harmony Centre in Jaffna, Army has no involvement in civil administration unless the Police or Civil Administrative authorities make a request”, he said.


    “There are 1118 families to be resettled. Most of those families are ready to stay at present locations as they are established their lifestyle in that environment. However, measures are already underway to resettle them in suitable lands after developing infrastructure facilities. Still, some politically motivated groups are hindering the process”, Maj. Gen. Udaya Perera further explained.


    Maj. Gen. Perera went on to say that whilst all those projects are carried out aiming at National Reconciliation, his troops are always alert on National Security.


    Answering questions of Indian-based foreign Defence Attachés, Jaffna Commander said that political extremists and sections of Tamil Diaspora brand Sri Lankan Army as Sinhalese Army before the International Community. “It was the LTTE that prevented Tamil youths joining the security forces. Many military officers were compelled to leave the ranks of the forces or even the country due to threat of the LTTE. When avenues were made again open for Northern youths to join military service, pro-LTTE elements started a door to door campaign threatening them not to join the Army. Despite all such efforts, more than 500 men and women in Jaffna joined the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force recently”, he added.

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