October 14, 2019
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    Economically active population 8.6 mn in 1Q Featured

    July 04, 2019

    The estimated economically active population is about 8.6 million in the first quarter 2019. Of which 64.1 percent are males and 35.9 percent are females. The economically inactive population is about 7.7 million. Out of the economically inactive population 25.7 percent are males and 74.3 percent are females.

    During first quarter of 2019, the total number of employed persons in Sri Lanka is estimated as about 8.2 million. Of which, about 47.1 percent engaged in Service sector, 28.3 percent in Industries sector and 24.7 percent in Agriculture sector. Compared to 1st quarter 2018 in 1st quarter 2019 a increase in employment numbers can be observed in Service and Industry sectors. The number of unemployed persons is estimated as 399,784 during the first quarter 2019. The unemployment rate for the first quarter 2019 is 4.7 percent.

    Overall unemployment rate reported for female is 6.9 percent and it is 3.4 percent for male. Youth unemployment rate (age 15 –24 years) corresponding to the first quarter 2019 is 21.6 percent and that is the highest reported unemployment rate among all age groups. Further the unemployment rates for males and females are 18.9 and 26.6 percent.

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