October 22, 2019
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    ‘Political revenge does not take place in a developed nation’ -PM

    August 07, 2019

    Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the main aim of the country is to become a developed nation with a developed economy.Economic indicators are not the only parameters to measure the development of a country. To become a developed country, people of the country should be enriched with human qualities, the Premier said.The Prime Minister was speaking at a ceremony at Temple Trees yesterday to grant compensation to persons affected by acts of political revenge, and victimis of ethnic problems in the Digana area in 2016. Around 500 persons of the 1,750 families affected in the 1994 clashes were also compensated.

    “In a developed country, there aren’t acts of political revenge. If one violates the law of the country, the rule of law should be implemented against that person,” he said.No one should be politically affected by expressing their ideas. The rights of freedom of speech and practising one’s religion are ensured in a developed country, he said.Development cannot be measured by the allocations for education, health, or infrastructure development alone. The development of a country is also measured by human qualities of the people of that particular country, the Prime Minister said.

    There is no room for communalism and extremism in a country which gives priority to Buddhism. No country which experiences ethnic clashes or condones acts of political revenge could become a developed nation. Everyone is duty bound to put aside ideas of political revenge and ethnic differences.“Politically-victimised persons have been affected while trying to safeguard the basic rights of the people,” the Premier said.

    The Prime Minister expressed his regrets for the delay in compensating the recipients present.He added that there are two groups of persons, one affected politically and the other, affected by clashes which erupted in the Digana and Kundasale areas. Around 500 persons representing both groups were compensated with over Rs. 27 million.

    Some narrow-minded politicians are trying to get political gain by arousing communalism. Nothing can be achieved by arousing communalism and no victory can be obtained by disrupting communal harmony, the Prime Minister said.“As a result of ethnic clashes, a large number of Sinhalese too lost their jobs as they were employed at business entities belonging to Muslims which were attacked,” he said.

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