November 17, 2019
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    ‘Govt willing to offer platform to create meaningful dialogue’

    August 27, 2019

    Dr. Harsha de Silva, Non Cabinet Minister of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution yesterday expressed his willingness to offer a suitable platform to create a meaningful dialogue among palm oil industry stakeholders, relevant government officials particularly in the Plantation Ministry, Treasury and also local university academics in an effort to find solutions to key issues faced by the stakeholders in the local palm oil industry.

    Noting that existing issues faced by the industry cannot be answered in isolation, Minister de Silva stressed the need to bring different groups together to correct key issues faced by the industry.“Sometimes, it is very difficult to take leadership in change because people who are currently profiting from the old system will be against it and they will be vociferous. But sometimes, people who have made profits will also not support you fully. They will be lukewarm. It is just human nature. We are not willing to take risks or leadership.” he told at the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Palm Oil Industry Association, held in Colombo yesterday.

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