December 06, 2019
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    Ministry instructs schools to promote healthy diet Featured

    September 03, 2019


    The Education Ministry, through a special circular, has instructed school principals to promote healthy eating habits with the assistance of their development societies.The ministry said that in a recent survey conducted on the mental and physical health of schoolchildren, it was revealed that most students faced various issues related to nutrition. The survey also revealed that students are used to eating a lot of fast food.

    “Fast food should not be sold at students, and soft drinks are harmful as well. Most types of bread have less fibre in them and hence, should not be eaten in large amounts,” the circular read.Principals have also been instructed to hold awareness programmes regarding the matter for schoolchildren and their parents.

    The ministry has also instructed public health inspectors to inspect school canteens regularly.It said that stern action would be taken against those who run school canteens while violating the above rules

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