November 17, 2019
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    Enterprise Sri Lanka exhibition opens in Jaffna Featured

    September 08, 2019


    Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe Saturday declared open the third Enterprise Sri Lanka exhibition organized by the Ministry of Finance in Jaffna to encourage new entrepreneurs.This exhibition will be open for the public from 10 am to 12 midnight daily at Mutraweli in Jaffna Fort from September 7 to September 10.The Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition is held to create 100,000 entrepreneurs across the country. About 450 public and private sector stalls have been set up to offer services to the public. State banks, private companies, buyers, applicants and suppliers are all on site. New investors can receive advice on obtaining loans to start a business and finding a market for it.

    After opening the exhibition, the Prime Minister engaged in an observation tour of the exhibition in the afternoon. Speaking at the occasion, the Premier said Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition is viewed as the bridge of reconciliation to find new investors. "The country is moving forward with its development. Jaffna also has the desire to develop like any other parts of the country. The benefits of the country's development should also be passed on to the Jaffna area. For that we need to protect the peace in the country."
    New entrepreneurs who expect to develop industries which are native to Jaffna district such as in industrial, agricultural, fisheries and tourism sectors could be able to obtain loans at concessionary interest rates at this exhibition.Loans under concessionary interest rates starting from minimum of Rs 100,000 up to Rs. 750 million could be obtained and the educated young prospective entrepreneurs of Jaffna who are seeking for such an opportunity will be able to reap benefits from this scheme.
    A special mobile service will also be held during the 4 days of this exhibition to enable those who expect to enter the field of business to apply for project loans. Eleven special counters by the State and Private commercial banks as well as government consulting services institutions have been set up in the premises of this exhibition. Visitors to this exhibition can obtain the necessary information, instructions and guidance to apply for concessionary loans to start business ventures from self-employment to small and medium scale projects from these special counters.
    The visitors to this exhibition will be given an opportunity to buy various commodities at reasonable prices. Especially garments and other type of apparel manufactured by factories coming under the Board of Investment (BOI) could be bought at duty free prices in this exhibition center.The Electronic Media Zone will provide an opportunity for the people to meet the representatives of their favorite electronic media houses. At the same time, school students will be able to witness how various programs including live broadcasting are telecast and how programs are produced and how news rooms function.
    At the same time, visitors to the exhibition can obtain free services which will be provided jointly by the Health Ministry and the Provincial Health Services Department. Among them are free laboratory and clinical services.A foreign consular service will also be set up in the exhibition premises. The foreign job seekers and students who are seeking to go overseas for higher education could be able to get their required certificates and other documents attested by this consular office in the exhibition premises.Daily musical shows with the participation of South Indian artistes will be held in the night at the exhibition venue.


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