December 10, 2019
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    ‘Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition, bridge of reconciliation to find new investors’

    September 09, 2019

    A separate fund will be created to assist in setting up businesses in Jaffna area said Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in Jaffna last week at a meeting held at the Jaffna Municipal Grounds after launching several development projects in the Jaffna area.He said that the fishing industry too will be improved so that fishermen can go fishing in the deep sea.

    “It should be mentioned that a new development plan has been prepared in consultation with the people’s representatives of the area to develop Jaffna. He said that they hoped to create an economy in Jaffna to generate employment. Measures are being taken to develop and open the Palaly airport next month to bring down flights from the region with the aim of developing the tourism industry.

    “We have formulated a development plan to develop Jaffna in the next five years.”The Prime Minister also opened the Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition held at the Jaffna Fort premises.The exhibition was organised by the Ministry of Finance with the aim of creating 100,000 new entrepreneurs.

    Speaking at the occasion, the Premier said Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition is viewed as the bridge of reconciliation to find new investors.“The country is moving forward with its development. Jaffna also has the desire to develop like any other parts of the country. The benefits of the country’s development should also be passed on to the Jaffna area. For that we need to protect the peace in the country,” he said.

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