December 11, 2019
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    Jaffna will be developed as a megacity Featured

    September 09, 2019

    The Minister for Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka said that the Jaffna peninsula will be developed as a mega city as a part of the national physical plan. Ranawaka pointed out that Jaffna is a key location in one of the four main economic and demographic corridors identified by the said plan.

    Minister Ranawaka made these observations speaking at an event held to launch several development projects in the Jaffna, under the patronage of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, which took place at the Jaffna Municipal Grounds.

    Speaking at the event, Minister Ranawaka observed that what is more important at present is to focus on developing the country and not on conflicts that occurred in the past. “It was not only Jaffna that suffered from the previous conflicts in this country. Many people left the country, both Sinhala and Tamil. The second largest Sri Lanka Tamil population is in Canada, Toronto. The second largest Sinhala population is in Melbourne, Australia. It is alright to argue or discuss about the previous conflicts. However, that is not beneficial for the future generation of this country. So it is important that we focus on development and make this a country worth living in.” Ranawaka pointed out.

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