December 16, 2019
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    ‘Ceylon Spice’ master brand to spice exports

    September 27, 2019

    Marking a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s export development sector, the Export Development Board launched Sri Lanka’s country-of-origin trade mark ‘Ceylon Spices for the spices sector on Wednesday in Colombo.With the launch of Ceylon Spices brand, local spice exporters will be able to reach its customers with more uniform and consistent messaging and ensure that its international customers can differentiate Sri Lankan products from those of its competitors.

    The brand logo would carry the Lion placed inside the Sri Lanka Flag with the wordings “Ceylon Spices” followed by “Born in Sri Lanka” tagline. Masterbrand architecture with Lion logo to be used for all spices and usage of Logo is governed by specific guidelines including compulsory standards.Speaking at the Ceylon Spices brand, launching ceremony, Development Strategies and International Trade Minister Malik Samarawickrama said branding of Spices is identified as apriority action in the NES to achieve a set export target of US$ 880 million from the Spices and Concentrate sector by 2022.
    Minister said that export development is a top priority of the government and the goal for the next three years is to increase exports to USD 28 billion by 2022.According to the Minister, it is only through export-driven growth that Sri Lanka will truly realise full potential and bring economic prosperity to Sri Lankan people.“The new challenge we must tackle from here onwards is to build more and more Sri Lankan brands, and take them to the world. And we will support you in this. The EDB has the Market Access Support Programme that provides matching grants and trade guidance for you to go confidently into global markets and worry less about the initial financial costs. If you had postponed thinking of branding overseas for a few years down the road, we want you to do this now - we will support you, through the various financial schemes available.”
    Minister also stressed the need to have a consistent branding story running across all Sri Lankan brands.“Our brands, products coming from Sri Lanka must be known for a commitment to high quality, high ethical standards, and strong environment sustainability credentials. That will be our unique differentiator, in an age where consumers are seeking authenticity, traceability, and quality.It was also noted that market diversification and product differentiation through strong branding campaigns and consumer awareness of Ceylon Cinnamon, Ceylon Pepper and other Spices in high end markets such as Europe, USA, Japan, and the Gulf region are a vital strategy to be competitive in the international market and capture greater value right here in our country.
    “It has been recognised now that is important vital to follow a ‘Master Brand’ approach for collective promotion of ‘Ceylon Spices’ rather than promoting them individually.” Sri Lanka is also the largest producer of Cinnamon in the world accounting for 85% of the world market for true Cinnamon. Sri Lanka earns over US$ 130 million annually by exporting Cinnamon to markets such as Mexico, Peru and Colombia, minister said adding that, EDB is working with in Cinnamon industry stakeholders to obtain Geographical Indication (GI) for Ceylon Cinnamon in the European Union. EDB has worked in coordination with UNIDO and relevant government and private sector stakeholders such as Department of Export Agriculture, The Spice Council and Spices & Allied Products Producers and Traders Association to meet the technical requirements to obtain GI in the European Union. We are hopeful of getting this soon.
    “While we launch this brand, I must emphasise that the policy of the Government is to encourage greater value addition and greater value capture here in Sri Lanka, moving away from commodity exports. As a country that has a good agricultural base, we must now move into adjacent sectors like food processing, flavours, extracts and essences for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, and food-related prods for the health and wellness industry.”
    He said further that the global botanical extracts market size is expected to grow from around USD 4 Billion today to USD 6.5 Billion by 2023, at an estimated annual growth of 10%. Botanical extracts are widely used ingredients in food and beverages owing to their functional properties, and also due to the growing demand for natural and nutritious products. Additionally, botanical extracts are being used in popular ready-to-drink beverages and also in alcohols like gin.
    According to him, wellness food products and supplements market is another growing segment, which can be another ‘adjacency’ to Sri Lanka.“ The global ‘Wellness Supplements’ market alone is expected to reach USD 385 Billion by 2025, from USD 205 Billion today. “While these global opportunities remain, he emphasised that the country needs to bring in international partners through Foreign Direct Investment, who not only bring in the capital, but also the expertise, the technology, and the market access.

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