October 20, 2019
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    Supreme Court orders to resume Moneragala Drought Relief Program

    September 14, 2014

    The Moneragala drought relief programme which was suspended on the instructions of the Elections Commissioner due to the pressure exerted by the Opposition will resume from Monday following a judicial order. This has been mentioned by Secretary to the Economic Development Ministry Dr.Nihal Jayatilake.


    The Supreme Court gave an order for the immediate resumption of drought relief to the impacted families in Moneragala. Also the Supreme Court made special mention that the programme should be re-launched without impacting the conduct of a free and fair poll in the Uva without having any political influence.


    The Economic Development Ministry Secretary said that they were finalizing initial measures to commence the drought relief programme as planned earlier. He added that their intention was to conclude the programme within two days.


    In the meantime, families in Moneragala that experienced enormous sufferings as a result of the severe drought have expressed their gratitude to the Government for resuming the drought relief programme based on a Court order, defeating the conspiracies of the Opposition.

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