July 19, 2019
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    April 11, 2014

    Three armed LTTE suspects who attempted to escape were killed in a confrontation with the armed forces.


    Top three LTTE suspects Sundaralingam Kajeepan @ Thevihan, and Selvanayagam Kajeepan @ Gobi and the third yet to be identified, but is believed to be that of Navaratnam Navaneethan @ Appan.have been confirmed dead in this confrontation between the Army and the LTTE suspects in the early hours of today (11) in the jungle off Padaviya.


    According to the Press Release issued by the Military Spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya an attempt for resurgence of terrorism in Sri Lanka surfaced in general area Pallai in the Jaffna Peninsula calling for launching another phase of the LTTE struggle for a separate state. The information on several key suspects who were leading the campaign for resurgence of the LTTE also surfaced. Investigators made several arrests that led to recovery of arms, ammunitions, explosives and other material that were in their possession.


    It was also revealed that this local group was functioning under the instructions of LTTE leaders Nediyawan and Vinayagam who are based in Europe. They were preparing the ground for another armed struggle. Immediate objectives of the local group included the recovery or war like material dumped by the LTTE during retreat, re-establishment of LTTE intelligence network, regrouping of the potential cadre including those rehabilitated, collecting information on potential targets including in other provinces.

    Investigations revealed that the funds for these activities that came from Europe were being transferred using Hawala system which is an illegal system for money transfer widely used in the subcontinent. It was also revealed that many safe houses, vehicles and other resources required for resurgence of the LTTE had been procured by them using this money.


    Three local leaders in the attempted resurgence of the LTTE were identified as Sundaralingam Kajeepan @ Thevihan (who was involved in aerial attacks on Anuradhapura Air Base and Kollonnawa Petroleum Storage in year 2007), Selvanayagam Kajeepan @ Gobi, Navarathnam Navaneethan @ Appan. Investigators trailing these local leaders made several arrests of second and third tier cadre. In one attempt on 13 March 2014 one of the suspected leaders known as Gobi escaped after shooting a police officer.


    Volume of information that came pouring from the peace loving local public who did not approve of any attempt of resurgence of the LTTE helped investigations in a large measure. The general area where the three leaders, i.e Thevihan, Gobi and Appan were hiding was identified. On 10 April 2014 troops in a search operation in the jungle area off Padaviya recovered four back-packs containing rations, medicine, cloths, etc... believed to be used by the suspects.


    The identified area was surrounded. In the early hours of 11 April 2014 three armed suspects who attempted to escape the area confronted the troops in the cordon. All three were killed and two of the dead were later identified as Sundaralingam Kajeepan @ Thevihan, and Selvanayagam Kajeepan @ Gobi. The third is yet to be identified, but is believed to be that of Navaratnam Navaneethan @ Appan.

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