September 20, 2019
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    'Cormorant Strike V-2014' concludes

    September 26, 2014

    'Exercise Cormorant Strike V -2014' successful drew to a close on Thursday (25th September) with the final phase of the exercise taking place at Pumuddai, Kalarawa.

    Commencing on 03rd September, the exercise saw 4300 tri forces personnel taking part in mock exercises that began from Thoppigala and Punnakuda jungles and surrounding areas. 41 foreign representatives from Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, China and the Maldives also took part as observers or participants.


    Mock operational features were composed of simulating rescue operations, joint amphibious task forces operations, induction and de-induction of troops, siege of safe houses, under water missions, mock ambushes of unconventional types, planning, preparations, formulations, coordination, command, control, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP), operations within given time frames, air and sea rescue operations, attacks on hideouts, intelligence gathering, etc .


    Exercises were held in Mannar, Matale, Wanni and in the Eastern region. Ambassador of Brazil and some diplomats were present at the closing phase and the awards parade on Thursday (25th) at Kalarawa.


    Commander of the army Lieutenant General Daya Ratynayake was present at the closing ceremony yesterday.(MoD/KH)


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