December 12, 2019
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    Divi Neguma Fairs draw over 1.5 million visitors

    April 13, 2014

    Around 1.5 million people have been visiting the Divi Neguma Avurudu fairs, now being held in 324 main towns throughout the country  and this amount is expected to  reach three million today being the last day.

    Ministry Divi Neguma Development Department under the guidance of Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksahas organized the fairs with the assistance of 19 state organizations including the Trade and the Mahaweli Ministry.

    The fairs which commenced on April 7 will end today( April 12).

    Twelve thousand rural producers have contributed to the success of the fairs where fresh vegetables, fruits, sweets, rice, coconuts, powdered milk, dry rations, spices, textile, plants, ornamental fish, products of small industrialists and meat products are available under one roof.

    In the Colombo District 20 Divi Neguma fairs are being held with the participation of businessmen and producers from the North among many others. Each of the fairs in Colombo comprises 120 stalls where food and other products from various parts of the country are available.

    Products including rice flour, handloom textiles, kotta kelengu, palmyra products, travelling bags, undu flour and dry fish are being sold at these fairs by people from the North.

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