July 16, 2019
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    State Oil Anointing Ceremony for the New Year today in Gampaha

    April 16, 2014

    The traditional Oil Anointing State Ceremony for the Sinhala and Hindu New Year will be held at the Yatawatta Rajamaha Viharaya at Koshinna in Gampaha at the auspicious time of 11.16 am today (16). President Mahinda Rajapakse will be the chief guest of the ceremony.

    The state ceremony of anointing oil has been organized by the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine with the guidance of the Maha Sanga.


    Oil will be anointed facing the south direction attired in a greenish garment placing Kohomba leaves on the head and "Kolon" leaves underneath the foot and applying "Nanu" mixed with Kohomba leaves and thereafter taking  the first bath for the New Year.
    According to the Ayurvedic system head has the pride of place where the human system is concerned. During rituals one is blessed from head to foot. What is meant by oil anointing is the application of Nanu and oil and thereafter having a bath.   Nanu is made with different leaves that have high herbal value. and at the oil anointing ceremonies different leaves are placed above the head and at the feet. The leaves are decided according to the oil anointing Nekatha.


    The Ministry of Indigenous Medicine has  distributed  Nanu required for the oil anointing occasion freely throughout the country to 10,000 temples and 15,000 registered Ayurvedic doctors.


    In parallel to the state ceremony, anointing oil on the head will take place in many temples and Buddhist centers islandwide.


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