December 10, 2019
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    Countrywide signature campaign against EU lifting ban on LTTE

    October 19, 2014

    Private Transport Services Minister C.B. Ratnayake has commenced a countrywide campaign to collect signatures of people condemning the decision of European Union judges to annul the anti-terrorism sanctions imposed on the LTTE by the European Union.

    The campaign will kick-start from Milaj Hotel in Wellwawatte at 9.45 am on Thursday (23) and it would facilitate all Sri Lankans to place their signatures condemning the EU move to de-proscribe the terrorist outfit that claimed hundred thousands of lives of the innocents.

    The minister said that people of this country underwent hardships in the face of LTTE atrocities for more than three decades. “We have not forgotten those dark periods of our recent history where people lived their lives with tears. It was thanks to the brave leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa we could see the end of that period.

    “There some sinister forces both external and internal putting their best efforts to revive those miserable times once again. We should condemn those forces and their backers here who betray the interests of motherland. We must keep in mind that Sinhala nation lost its independence in 1815 owing to actions by a small group of Lankans who acted on the same lines against the nation to help and assist the external interests. There are similar conspiracies and plots hatched against this nation today too. The EU removing ban on the LTTE was one of the victories of those forces.

    “Time has come that we must all unite in the name of motherland to defeat those conspirators. Our delay would cost us our independence. We Sri Lankans must respond to the EU’s decision to lift the ban on LTTE. I therefore request all patriots to express their love to motherland by putting their signatures on this petition condemning the actions of the EU,” the minister added. (Special Reporter)

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