October 18, 2019
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    Media has painted many pictures with regard to this county - Prof.Athugala

    April 23, 2014

    There is an attempt by media including media colleagues in our country to present to the world different aspects in this country, Stated Prof.Ariyarathna Athugala, Director General of Government Information.

    This was revealed by Prof.Ariyarathna Athugala at the inaugural workshop on "War News Reporting" held at the auditorium of the Government Information Department.


    The world of media is very complicated.  Today people live in a world created by the media.  Media springs up on the requirements of the war as was seen by the commencement of the media at the start of the first and 2nd world wars, said Prof.Athugala.


    "Some people believe that people who have minds leaning towards war cannot be compatible with the ordinary citizens.  Young people who redeemed this country have come forward representing many areas.  Members of the three armed forces are actively engaged in social and community work and perform an excellent job.  We should understand that they possess invaluable public relation qualities.  There is a general feeling that armed forces personnel are not normal citizens.  But today we see that they are actively engaged in marketing, farming as well as creative activities", Prof.Athugala further added.
    He also said that it is the belief of most people that media and mass communication is not a subject that deserves study.  Media is a marketing tool and can prevent a subject in many forms.  Modern man should possess their ability to weigh the pros and cons of this subject.  


    Today’s citizens grasp knowledge through new technology.  Within the Sri Lankan society there is  fast and vast development while on one side religious differences are also cropping up. Media can make or break a person.  Therefore studying media is of utmost importannce, Prof.Athugala emphasised.


    This 10-day workshop, a joint collaboration of the Government Information Department and the Sri Lanka Army is being held for the first time.

    The Army Media Spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuriya and Army  Media Director Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera also addressed the participants while Senior Journalist Edwin Ariyadasa delivered the keynote address.

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