November 14, 2018

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    Rambadagalla Samadhi Buddha Statue to be unveiled tomorrow Featured

    April 29, 2015

    The Colossal 67.5 feet high Buddha Statue  at Rambadagalla Vidyasagara Temple in the Rideegama DS division will be unveiled  on April 30. This is considered to be the world's tallest rock-hewn seated Buddha image.

    On the invitation of Rambadagalla Chief Incumbent Egodamulle Amaramoli Thero, in the presence of  Maha Sangha inlcuding  Mahanayake of Amarapura  Chapter Aggamaha Panditha Most Ven. Dauldena Gnanissara Thero, Mahanayake of Ramanna Chaptor Agga Maha Panditha Most Ven. Napana Pemasiri Thero the unveiling ceremony will be held under the auspices of President Maithripala Sirisena and Chief Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera on April 30 at 3.30pm.


    Eight centuries after the haughty historic creations of the statues of Galvihara Polonnaruwa, another sinhala hero led the way to regenerate the last historic pride of our past. The person who shouldered this herculean task of regenerating the down trodden splendor glory and magnificence of the nation, is  Mahanayaka of the Amarapura Ariyawansa Saddhamma Yukktika Maha Nikaya Ven.. Egodamulla Amaramoli Threro, the chief incumbent of Vidyasagara Priven Vihara, Monaragala, Rambodagalla, Rideegama, Kurunegala.


    The idea for the gigantic Buddha statue has  first dawned on the chief prelate as he sat aghast watching the wanton destruction of the gigantic Buddha statues at Bamiyan in Afghanistan. As the scenes of destruction unfolded over TV, the Thera has resolved that he would do whatever possible to build a Buddha statue to rival those blown to oblivion by a group of religious extremists.


    Ven.Amaramoli Thero's steady devotee and unfailing supporter has been Head of Eswaran Brothers D. Eassuwaren.

    This dedicated humanist, an ardent Hindu was primarily instrumental in obtaining the expert services of Master Stone Sculptor of India, Bharatha Padma Shri Muttiah Sthapathi. Although his ancestors had participated in the sculptural works at Gadaladeni Vihara, Sthapathi had not executed any Buddha sculptures before.

    Stapathi rendered his services entirely free. This is the first and last Buddha sculpture he will create. He has characterised this Samadhi Buddha sculpture as his ‘masterpiece’.

    “The serene and soothing teachings of the Supreme Buddha go a long way to dispel the evils of hatred, ignorance and craving that mar the intrinsic beauty of the human mind. This colossal statue of the Buddha, hewn out of the living rock, by Indian craftsmen, will strengthen the perennial spiritual ties that link our two nations into an eternal brotherhood", wrote  Former High Commissioner for India in Sri Lanka Nirupama Rao who visited the site.

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