September 22, 2019
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    Ranil Wickremasinghe sworn in as Prime Minister Featured

    August 21, 2015

    Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka before President Maithripala Sirisena a short while ago at the Presidential Secretariat.

    Wickremasinghe who has earned the respect of government as well as opposition parties as the cleanest political character in Sri Lankan politics became the Prime Minister for the fourth time since entering the parliament in 1977.

    Wickremesinghe was first appointed as the Prime Minister from 1993 - 1994 after the assassination of former President Ranasinghe Premadasa.

    He was also elected as the Prime Minister from 2001 - 2004 when the United National Front Government won the parliamentary elections in 2001.

    President Sirisena after winning the 2015 Presidential Election appointed Ranil Wickremasinghe as Prime Minister for the third time.

    He has equaled his position to that of Sri Lanka's second Prime Minister, Dudley Senanayaka who had held the premiership four times from 1952 to 1970.

    In the the world of politics, British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone had served as Prime Minister four times (1868 to 1894). Sri Lanka has just equaled that feat after nearly 121 years.

    He has also set a record of holding a MP position continuously without losing his seat in parliament for 38 years.

    Following the swearing in ceremony General Secretary of the UNP Kabir Hasim and General Secretary of the SLFP, Duminda Dissanayake inked an MOU to form a national government.

    The coalition led by United National Party, won 106 seats in Monday’s parliamentary election, just seven short of a simple majority in the 225-member assembly but enough to form a government.

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