July 20, 2019
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    Supreme Court decides to hear the case against NP Chief Minister

    March 25, 2014

    The Supreme Court has fixed dates for inquiring the petition submitted by the Secretary to the Northern Province Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi against the Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Vigneshwaran.

    Accordingly, the petition will be taken up for inquiry on the 14th of July. The Supreme Court has also issued an injunction order restraining the implementation of a series of instructions issued by the Chief Minister preventing Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi from carrying out her constitutional powers.


    The ruling has been announced by a three member panel of Judges consisting Chief Justice Mohan Peiris and judges K. Sripavan and Sathya Hettiarachchi.


    All relevant personnel have been sent with the document relating to the case.(niz)


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