November 14, 2019
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    Effective regulation of media is a dire requisite for a sound democracy - Dep. Minister says in Islamabad Featured

    July 21, 2016

    Effective regulation of media is a dire requisite for a sound democracy and Sri Lanka is seriously looking into this aspect in establishing a pofessional media culture in the country, Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Deputy Minister Karu Paranawithana told an international conference in Islamabad today (21).

    The existing media laws in Sri Lanka do not address the needs of the society in effective content regulation, delivering the keynote speech the Deputy Minister told the international conference on Media Regulation - Challenges and Reforms orgainsed by the Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) in Islamabad.


    The event has mobilised experts on media regulations from variuos countries and deliberated the dynamics of media regulation in its different formations.


    Minister Paranawithana stressed the need of media regulations for the effective mangement of economic resources with all form of communication and also for the protection of public order and to support the good governance and justice.


    "Good systems of media regulations arr also for the protection of rights of individuals and the collective rights as well as for the promotion of efficient communication system with technical standarization  innovation and connetivity. It also helps the promotion of access the wider space for communication and the sustainability of healthy market systems with protection of consumer rights, " he added.


    The present print regulation systems in Sri Lanka need upgarding while protecting the fundemental principles of self regulation while broadcast sector need total new dimensions, as it does not benefitted by a professional and efrective content regulatory mechanism. The government has embarked on a process to address the issue, he said.


    PIPS Director Mohamad Amir Rana, Deputy Head of Mission of the Danish Embassy in Islamabad Jakob Rogild Jakobsen and Pakistani media development expert Adnan Rehmat are also in the picture.

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