March 24, 2019

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    Sri Lanka moves a strong delegation to Guangxi’s CAEXPO 13 Featured

    September 10, 2016

    No less than 25 Lankan exporters, biz reps and officials are joining one of the strongest ever Lankan trade delegations will arrive in China on 10 September.

    “We believe that Sri Lanka can showcase its products to China in a big way at 13th CAEXPO-more importantly it is an opening to ASEAN importers” said Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen on 8 September in Colombo.


    Minister Bathiudeen is scheduled to lead the 25 member Lankan delegation to arrive in China on 10 September for the 13 CAEXPO (China ASEAN Expo) that starts Sunday 11 September in Guangxi, China. It is co-sponsored by China’s government and CAEXPO secretariat and 10 ASEAN countries. Having run for 12 consecutive years, CAEXPO attracted high-profiled participants from political and diplomatic circles: thousands of merchants, 25,580 enterprises, more than 100 business associations and delegations and 143 conferences involving 30 different fields.


    Minister Bathiudeen also unveiled by his Ministry-the CAEXPO Web Gateway for present and prospective Lankan businesses keen on Chinese and ASEAN markets.

    Among the Lankan sectors joining the CAEXPO 13 are Ceylon Tea, gems and jewellery, handicrafts, handlooms, batik, lacquerwork, and tourism.


    “Sri Lanka will join the 13th CAEXPO as a Special Guest Country. A series of special guest country activities including Sri Lanka pavilion, national promotion conference and trade fair will be held during the 13th CAEXPO.‪ We believe that Sri Lanka can showcase its products to China in a big way at CAEXPO-more importantly to ASEAN importers as well” said Minister Bathiudeen during a pre-departure meeting with his top officials on 8 September.


    As an international event for economic and trade exchanges, CAEXPO has shown the world from the very beginning that it is not only a great event for China or ASEAN, but an international stage that opens to the world with “10+1” as its foundation. Also, CAEXPO has organized trade and economic exchanges activities for “10+6” countries the 10 ASEAN countries plus the RCEP member countries Australia, China, Japan, Korea, India, New Zealand) and to countries along the Maritime Silk Road.


    The Special Guest Country option is a major mechanism in CAEXPO for China to link to economies it considers as important

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