November 15, 2019
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    BOI signs an Investment agreement with Union Resort & Spa Ltd

    July 30, 2014

    Recent economic growth, infrastructural development and an overall rise in tourism to the island has also seen a host of ambitious new projects, which will cater to these new arrivals and the projected boom in tourism.  Union Resorts & Spa Ltd now embark on an innovative and ambitious new venture, titled Water Gardens, after the resounding success of their previous endeavour, the famed The Blue Water in Wadduwa, a timeless creation by architect extraordinaire Sir Geoffrey Bawa.

    A rise in demand for high quality leisure products sees the company expanding its business further afield, the most recent being to the cultural triangle, with the aim of fulfilling the current need for a comprehensive, high quality, upmarket leisure experience.

    Water Gardens will be situated in Sigiriya at the heart of the island’s cultural triangle. Facilities will include 30 super luxury villas, each equipped with every imaginable facility, amenity and convenience. These new developments will in turn cater to the discerning traveller that demands the highest quality experience, with a rich serving of diversity, culture and history.

    The project which has been currently estimated at over Rs. 650 million will be overseen by one of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated architects Channa Daswatte; protégé of Sir Geoffrey Bawa.

    Apart from the positive impact on the islands tourism industry, there are also plans for infrastructural development locally as well as the development of other local support services that will go a long way towards improving industry standards as a whole. This in turn will help create opportunity in and around the cultural triangle, providing employment for capable young men and women, whilst also empowering the communities they are a part of.

    The project also places heavy emphasis on being environmentally friendly and socially responsible, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the use of renewable resources and a host of other innovative features, which makes for a more sustainable business model and a reduced carbon footprint."

    BOI encourages the development of tourism projects which is one of the main goals of the Government.(BoI/KH)

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