December 14, 2019
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    Euro 4 fuel: Octane 92 and Lanka Super Diesel continuously remain in local market

    June 14, 2018

    Introduction of fuel with Euro 4 standard would not cause to remove Octane 92 petrol or Lanka Super Diesel from local market, Secretary to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development Upali Marasinghe said.


    Octane 95 petrol and Super Diesel with Euro 4 standard are to be introduced to the local market next month and they would be sold under the current price of Octane 95 petrol and Lanka Super Diesel. The Euro 4 is a European Commission approved standard and this fuel is environment friendly, Mr. Marasinghe told.


    “We will first introduce Euro 4 Octane 95 and Euro 4 Super Diesel. Then the normal octane 95 petrol and Super Diesel will be removed from the market”, the Secretary said and added that “Although, currently used Octane 92 petrol and Auto Diesel will not be removed from the local market”.

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