December 13, 2019
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    November 23, 2018

    The Chengdu Association of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAFTEC) opened its Colombo Office at the Hilton Residencies (JAIC Hilton) on Monday night.The opening of the CAFTEC Colombo Office was a soft opening and the Colombo operations would be continued from there which usher in unprecedented economic and trade opportunities for Sri Lanka, a news release said.

    CAFTEC Secretary- General Chen Xiao remarked that the reason for the opening of the Colombo office was to promote Chinese investors to come into the Hambantota Industrial Zone and also to promote Sri Lankan exports also into China.

    The CAFTEC Secretary General also said that there will be opportunities for the display of Sri Lankan products and particularly in the arenas of tea with a special emphasis on black tea, spices, coconut products and especially virgin coconut oil, apparel, rubber and rubber products gems and Jewellery and many other exportable products to China.

    The CAFTEC will also assist Sri Lankan Travel and Tourism companies to attract Chinese tourists into Sri Lanka. Also the Air China four weekly nonstop direct flights from Chengdu to Colombo will also support the cause for tourism.

    Meanwhile, President of the International Chamber of Commerce Kosala Wickramanayake said that Chengdu was one of the most dynamic and fastest growing areas in the world and that it was up to Sri Lankan businessmen to synergize their growth opportunities there with 20 million people there.

    “We have been working closely with CAFTEC from 2015 and we have also signed a MoU in 2017. Opening of the Colombo Branch office has also been a part of that initiative.Sri Lankan businessmen will also have the opportunity to establish joint venture partnerships at that forum, he said.He also noted that Sri Lankan business houses will be able to merge synergies with Chengdu businessmen as Chengdu is also on the “One Belt One Road” route on the Yangetse River which is an open gateway to both Pan Europe and Pan Asia.

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