February 25, 2020
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    Flower sales blossom for Valentine's Day

    February 14, 2019

    Prices and sales rose at flower markets this week as couples prepared to celebrate Valentine's Day today.Red roses remain the most popular choice, but other kinds of flowers are also finding favor, according to a Taobao report based on online purchases.

    The data, gathered from Sunday to Wednesday, show flower orders on Taobao up about 70 percent this year, with orders for roses triplingYunnan province's Kunming Dounan Flower Market, the country's largest flower market, said its daily trade volume has held steady at about 10 million over the past four days.

    Wang Shouhai, deputy manager of the market's auction department, said a record 15 million flowers were sold on Sunday."Because of the overlapping of the preparation periods for Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year, the number of customers received in the market over the past four days was double normal days," Wang said.


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