August 09, 2020
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    Major Scale Japanese Investments In Sri Lanka

    August 23, 2014

    A discussion on Japanese investments in Sri Lanka between the Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa and Thadai Suki, Chairman of Japan Sri Lanka Enterprise Committee, took place recently at the Ministry premises.


    Minister Basil Rajapaksa expressing his views at the discussion stated ” We have been enjoying very successful business relations between us for a long time. At the same time, Japanese Government made major scale investments in our country. This enabled a large number of Sri Lankans to be employed in these Japanese factories in Sri Lanka, earning heavy volume of foreign exchange.”


    ” We are now taking action to promote export of vegetable, fruits and ornamental foliage employing modern techniques. We have opened a tissue culture Centre at Gampaha and we are constantly getting advice and observations from local universities.”


    He also stated that a great demand for pineapple with a taste endemic to Sri Lanka exists in the middle east market and action will be taken through this tissue culture centre to promote appropriate varieties of pineapple. Steps will be taken to encourage the local cultivators to by breeding plantains, mangoes, vegetables and flowers which will be cultivated in home gardens as well as major scale plantations. Export oriented cultivation of plantains, mangoes and pine apple is already taking place in remote areas like Monaragala and Hambantota.


    At the same time, apparel industry has reached highest proportions in Sri Lanka and apparels of highest quality are being produced in Sri Lanka. However, 90 of raw materials required for the industry is imported. Therefore , I urge that factories for production of raw materials required for the production of apparels be started with Japanese investments. Since our labor resources are knowledgeable, efficient and friendly, it will be easy to achieve productions of higher quality.


    Minister further stated that the government is ready to provide requisite facilities and assistance for the production of medicines and apparels etc. Thadai Suki, Chairman of Japan Sri Lanka Business Committee stated that h is very much pleased about the present development achieved by Sri Lanka. The Japanese investors will be able to dispatch their production to reach their anticipated destinations with little cost, thanks to the improved transport facilities including super highways.


    A big demand for Ratnapura gems and gem related productions is existing in Japan and action will be taken to improve them further. He also stated that Japanese assistance will be extended to Sri Lanka to find a special place for Sri Lankan plantains in the world market and also to improve fish exports from Sri Lanka.


    Esala Weerakone, Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Economic Development and a host of Japanese entrepreneurs were present on this occasion (KH)

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