February 21, 2020
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    Obama calls for more efforts against Ebola crisis

    October 07, 2014

    Calling Ebola crisis an issue of global security, U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday urged further efforts from international community to fight the deadly virus in West Africa.

    After meeting his national security aides, Xinhua reported Obama to have said at a White House press conference that the U.S. was “making progress” at containing the disease in West Africa, but other countries need to “step up” and could not remain on the sidelines.


    “We have not seen other countries step up as aggressively as we need them to,” Obama said a week after the first U.S. case of Ebola surfaced in Dallas.


    The President pledged more “pressure” on foreign leaders to “make sure that they are doing everything that they can to join us in this effort”. Source: The Hindu (SDF)

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