July 24, 2021
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    Missing Mexican Students Were All Killed, Admit Murderers

    November 09, 2014

    México, The 43 missing students in Mexico were assassinated, as many involved in the crime confessed, said the general prosecutor, Jesús Murillo reported.

    During a press conference held at the General Prosecution of the Republic, Murillo showed videos where the members of the criminal gang of Guerreros Unidos admit to have killed and incinerated the remains of the students of the rural school of Ayotzinapa, Iguala, state of Guerrero, where the victims studied to be teachers.


    In those testimonies, they said to have moved the youths in two vehicles toward a moor in the zone of the Cocula municipality, near Iguala, where the violent events occurred last September 26, where six died, about 20 were wounded and 43 were reported missing.


    One of the culprits said that several youths died suffocated during the trip and the others were shot by the members of that organization.

    According to those testimonies, the corpses of the students to become teachers were Burned with diesel, gasoline, tires, Word and plastics since the night of the 26th to the evening of the following day, September 27.


    After that, the calcinated remains were crushed and dumped in black garbage bags which were thrown to the San Juan river, where Federal agents found one of the bags closed.


    According to Murillo, the state of remains make it impossible to extract the DNA in this country's facilities, so authorities are trying to send them to a sophisticated laboratory of an Austrian university.


    The General Prosecutor said the government will not cease in its effort to identify the remains and for now keeps considering the 43 students as missing. However, he admitted the remains collected in the place where they were incinerated and the bag found in the San Juan River, present coincidences with the group of Ayotzinapa.


    Murillo indicated there are 74 persons arrested and another 10 warrants of arrest are to be issued, in what he described as one of the biggest police operations in Mexican history, with the participation of thousands of members of the police, the Army, Navy, national guard, among other federal agencies and of the state of Guerrero.


    He explained that from the group of Guerreros Unidos they seized weapons ofhigh calibre and over 53 thousand munitions. Murillo recognized that during the investigation, they found several burials with 38 human remains now in identification stage, which are not linked to the Iguala youths..

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