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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 21:28

Lanka is the one and only nation providing free education and healthcare

Published in Budget - 2015

Sri Lanka is the one and only country in the world that provides free education and healthcare to its people, Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne said in Parliament today.

The Premier participating in the second reading stage debate on Budget 2015 said that the nations which had been recognized as developed country would not provide free education nor free health care to their people. “We have done our level best to strengthen free education and free health care. This budget too aimed at further strengthening those sectors. We are not providing relief to win elections. That story being circulated that government provides relief and concessions through budget eying election victories is just another dim-witted yarn of the Opposition,” he said.

“The government had beautified the capital city. There are no shanty dwellers in Colombo today. We have provided them with condominiums with all amenities. We have taken action to uplift their livelihood situation. The opposition used to make use of those people to win elections, today at a loss. They can never win those people back.”

The Prime Minister said that Sri Lanka second only to China in the world in its rapidly advancing development growth. “We have achieved that position thanks to the economic policies we have been adhering and following since 2005. Today we and our policies are proven right. We need the executive presidency to develop this country. It was thanks to the executive presidency we could win the war. There are 11 countries in the world where terrorism problem is prevailing.


Thousands of people perish in those conflicts while thousands of others live in fear. It was President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who saved this nation. Thus, the executive presidency should prevail,” he said.

The Prime Minister expressing his condolences and sympathies to those who had become victims of Koslanda landslide last night, said that he had given instructions to the Ministry of Disaster Management to provide immediate relief to the affected people. (Special Reporter/HC)