May 18, 2022
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      President pays homage to Anuradhapura Mihindu Aranya Senasana

    July 05, 2020

    President Gotabaya Rajapaksa visited ancient Mihindu Aranya Senasana in Anuradhapura and received blessings yestarday (July 04).

    Mihindu Aranya Senasana is dated between 5-6 AD and it has been the headquarters for Wanawasi Sanga Sabha of Rohana Chapter of the Siyam sect.

    The President arrived at the Mihindu Aranya Senasana in the morning and engaged in pleasantries with the Chief Sanganayake of the Wanawasi Sanga Sabha, Most Ven. Galpatha Sumana Thero, after paying his obeisance.

    President Rajapaksa also visited the vihara precinct and paid homage.

    A pirith sermon was also held to bless the President as well as the devotees present to observe sil in the vihara premises on this Esala Poya day.

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