June 21, 2024
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    A Constitutional Council Meeting will be held today (24) at 6 pm at the Speaker's Residence under the patronage of its Chairman and former Speaker of the Eighth Parliament Hon. Karu

    The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Doha in an effort to mitigate the difficulties faced by the Sri Lankans residing in Doha continues to distribute dry food rations and essential items to  the needy Sri Lankan expatriates.

    The Parliament is exploring the possibility of conducting virtual meetings of the Committees using digital facilities to meet the regulations and guidelines of social distancing if it is decided to continue
    further due to COVID 19.

    A digital export promotion program was implemented last week by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board(EDB) to address the negative impact on exports caused by the outbreak of
    COVID 19.The scheduled physical export promotion programs of EDB are on hold due to the global pandemic, and instead new promotional activities are being accelerated. Hence a new plan of action has been drawn up to carry out digital promotions during the next two quarters of the year 2020.

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