June 20, 2024
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    Police on full alert even when curfew is lifted - DIG Ajith Rohana

    April 28, 2020

    The curfew that was imposed yesterday (27) was relaxed at 5.00 am today (28) in the rest of the country except the Western Province and the Puttalam District. In these areas the curfew which will be lifted at 5.00 am will be re-imposed at 8.00 pm.

    DIG Ajith Rohana said that all industries and businesses and offices could operate, but they should all follow the health guidelines as directed. He advised all passengers using public transport to follow the recommended social distance and take other recommended precautionary measures.

    He said that the police will be on alert to identify those flouting these recommendations and guidelines. The DIG also warned the public against holding any functions or gatherings which has been completely banned even in areas where the curfew has been lifted.

    For those engaged in self-employment, three wheeler drivers and labourers the DIG said they could engage in their professions while adhering to the proper health guidelines.

    So far the police have arrested 40,095 persons for the violation of curfew laws while 10,332 vehicles have also been taken into police custody, said DIG Ajith Rohana yesterday. He noted last evening during a media briefing that during a 12 hour period yesterday, the police had arrested 222 persons for violating curfew. He noted that vehicles taken into custody will not be released until all court procedures are completed.

    Explaining the recommended dates for persons to venture out of their homes to attend for their requirements based on the last digit of their ID, he said it was not a law but only a guideline to minimise people getting on the streets except for work. However, he said that for urgent matters people can attend to them even on other days. For others in curfew imposed areas, no one will be allowed to get on to the streets with their ID’s and would require a curfew pass. He warned that even when the curfew is lifted those who violate health guidelines and social distancing will be dealt with severely.



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