June 21, 2024
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    Press Release

    June 10, 2023

    Press Release

    The Government has focussed its attention to the Sectoral Oversight Committee report, which was presented to Parliament today (09), emphasizing the concerns surrounding the potential risk to national security resulting from the privatization of Sri Lanka Telecom.

    While acknowledging the factual content of the report, the Government believes that it lacks a logical or scientific data analysis pertaining to the subject matter. To address this deficiency, it is necessary to examine the operation and regulation of information and communication technology service providers in Sri Lanka, analyse financial data related to the sector, understand Sri Lanka's national ambitions in this field, assess the available capital capacity, and conduct a comprehensive study of global trends.

    Furthermore, the Government has reassured that the policy decision taken will not compromise national security, contrary to what is indicated in the report.

    Hence, the Government will take a final decision during an upcoming cabinet meeting, considering this report along with recommendations from the information and communication sector.

    Additionally, the President emphasizes that the current government's policy is focused on providing opportunities to the private sector, distancing it from direct government involvement.

    President’s Media Division (PMD)

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