March 05, 2024
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    The President attends the art exhibition "Tradition and Change" by veteran artist Mr. S. H. Sarath

    June 30, 2023

    President Ranil Wickremesinghe attended the exhibition "Tradition and Change" by renowned artist S.H. Sarath, June (29).

    The art exhibition commenced on May 23rd at Siam House, C.W. Kannangara Mawatha and will be held until July 4th.

    This exhibition includes paintings of ordinary life relationships and the environment by experienced artist Mr. S.H. Sarath, whose career spans over 50 years.

    Following his visit to the art exhibition, the President also penned a commemorative note in the special guest book placed there and Mr.S.H. Sarath also presented a special commemorative gift to President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    Mr. Poj Harnpol, the Thai Ambassador to Sri Lanka and several others attended this event.


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