April 15, 2024
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    Foreign Minister Ali Sabry to address the Cambridge Union

    January 22, 2024

    An invitation has been extended to Foreign Minister M.U.M. Ali Sabry to address the prestigious Cambridge Union on January 23, 2024. Minister Ali Sabry is set to share his insights on Sri Lanka’s road to economic recovery in his address.

    The Cambridge Union, founded in 1815, is the world’s oldest debating society, and has been historically known for hosting influential speakers and fostering intellectual discourse. Dignitaries such as Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking were among the speakers who had been invited to address the Cambridge Union.

    Minister Ali Sabry is the only Sri Lankan to be invited to address the Union in the recent history.

    The event is expected to engage the university community and those interested in global economic perspectives.

    Minister Ali Sabry has also been invited to engage with the Wilberforce Society, the Lucy Cavendish Finance Society, and the Sri Lanka Society on January 24, offering a wide range of topics of discussion.

    The Wilberforce Society, with its focus on international affairs, and the Lucy Cavendish Finance Society, specializing in financial matters, provide platforms for in-depth conversations on global issues.

    The events are expected to be an enlightening opportunity to understand the Sri Lankan experience and to foster dialogue between Minister Ali Sabry and the Cambridge community.

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