January 27, 2020
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    5000 unused SIM cards found from Ma Oya

    May 21, 2019

    The Kochchikade Police have taken into custody nearly 5000 unused SIM cards used for mobile phones from the Ma Oya in the Kochchikade area, Negombo.A group of youths who had gone fishing in the Ma Oya had discovered the sack of SIM cards today (20) and when informed the Wennappuwa Police, they had been instructed to bring the sack ashore.

    Upon inspection, the sack of SIM cards had been in within the Kochchikade police division; therefore Wennappuwa police had informed them to hand over the parcel to the Kochchikade police. Accordingly, the villagers had once again taken the stock of SIM card to hand it over to the Kochchikade Police. Reportedly, among the SIM cards, a name and an address of a resident in the Matara area have also been found.The Kochchikade Police are conducting further investigations on the matter.

    Meanwhile, clothing items similar to police uniforms have been found near the Madunagala garbage dump in Suriyawewa. Accordingly, three trousers and several shirts similar to police uniforms have been found by the Special Task Force (STF), Sunday (19). STF stated that no arrest has been made over this discovery yet.

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