November 29, 2022
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    MoU signed between Parliament of Sri Lanka and UGC for the research and data mobilization

    February 25, 2020

    For the first time in the history a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Parliament of Sri Lanka and University Grants Commission (UGC)for the research and data mobilization.

    The event was held under the patronage of Hon. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya and Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri. Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dassanayake and Chairman of University Grants Commission (UGC) Prof.Sampath Amarathunga signed the MoU at the Parliament Premises.

    The main objectives of this MoU are to develop a repository of research findings of State Universities for the past ten (10) years from the date of this agreement with access to the parliament ,to enable UGC to present the latest findings every 06 months to the parliament and table it as public information and for the parliament Research Unit (PRU) to act as the cording entity which will seek academic guidance from an identified pool of academic resources upon the requirements of the parliament Addressing the gathering Hon. Speaker Stated that it would be a great achievement to establish this programme with University Grants Commission (UGC). Also, he said that during his tenure they were able to reduce Bribery and Corruption through the establishment of Right to Information Act and Opening the Committees such as CoPE to media. Further he requested general pubic to send important persons as public representatives of the parliament.

    Chairman of University Grants Commission (UGC) Prof.Sampath Amarathunga said that with this MoU they were going to combine all state universities and their researches together with the parliament without spending Millions or Billions to give away all the important information to our policy makers. Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dassanayake said that it was a significant day in the history of Parliament and in future policy makers would be able to refer this information easily for the betterment of this country. Further he thanked the representatives of University Grant Commission (UGC), USAID and SDGAP.

    Deputy Secretary General of parliament Mr Neil Iddawela,Assistant Secretary General of Parliament Ms Kushani Rohanadheera, Assistant Secretary General of Parliament Mr Tikiri Jayathilake were also present at the event

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