March 05, 2024
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    New Special Guidelines Aim to Enhance Public Service Sociability and Efficiency

    October 12, 2023

    Mr. Jagath Kumara, Chairman of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Open and Responsible Government, announced plans to enhance Sri Lanka’s public institutions and create user-friendly guidelines.

    He emphasized that input from the public, government officials and scholars will be sought in developing these guidelines.

    Mr. Kumara made these remarks during a news conference held at the Presidential Media Center under the theme, ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country’ where he discussed the committee’s role in addressing issues related to government institutions, transparency and accountability.

    He stressed the need for government agencies to provide efficient and accountable services to the public. The committee has engaged with various institutions, including the Pension Department, Police Department, Independent Commissions, Finance Commission and Election Commission, to improve service delivery.

    Mr. Kumara emphasized the importance of holding government institutions accountable and ensuring that they are accessible to the people.

    “Additionally, the committee recommended regulating the allocation of funds to provincial councils through the Finance Commission. They also discussed the performance of the police department, crime prevention and drug control measures.

    The committee’s overarching goal is to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines that will strengthen democracy and enhance the accountability of government institutions. These guidelines aim to improve the responsiveness of these institutions to the needs of the people.

    These guidelines have been formulated by gathering input from various stakeholders, including government officials under the leadership of the President’s Secretary, the University Grants Commission, academics and the general public. It is crucial for all parties involved to carry out their responsibilities with a clear sense of accountability. Accusations alone will not advance the country; therefore, we must work with integrity and strategic planning to progress.

    Honesty and well-thought-out strategies are essential to the nation’s development. Furthermore, the cooperation of media organizations is vital. When media operates with accountability, it can significantly contribute to the country’s progress and its journey towards a better future.

    Additionally, there is a significant population of disabled citizens in our country who encounter challenges when participating in elections. To address these issues, efforts are underway to issue special identification cards for the disabled, making it easier for them to cast their votes.

    Moreover, the cost of importing voting ink is substantial. Given that the National Identity Card is now a mandatory requirement, reducing election expenses is a priority. The committee has suggested the development of a specialized program to achieve this objective.”


    Last modified on Wednesday, 11 October 2023 21:37

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