June 20, 2024
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    Youth Manifesto submitted for COP28 presented to the President

    December 07, 2023

    The Sri Lanka Youth Statement to COP28, which was presented for the 28th United Nations Conference on Climate Change, was presented to President Ranil Wickremesinghe recently. Mr. Pasindu Gunaratne, Chairman/Director General of the National Youth Service Council and Head of the Sri Lankan Youth Delegation, presented this manifesto to President Ranil Wickremesinghe at the Presidential Secretariat.

    The youth declaration comprises 10 crucial recommendations addressing the impacts of climate change along with potential solutions.

    The manifesto underscores the immediate need for actions in climate change education, enhanced youth representation in policy decision-making and efforts towards environmental conservation and biodiversity protection. Drafted under the careful guidance of Mr. Pasindu Gunaratne, the committee led by Mr. Bodh Mathura and featuring members Ms. Fatima Shamla, Mr. Sandev Ferdinando and Ms. Tarushi Weerasinghe, worked on formulating this impactful document.

    During the presentation, Mr. Pasindu Gunaratne highlighted the significance of the special youth parliamentary session on climate change, organized by Sri Lankan youth parliamentarians and the active involvement of the Sri Lankan Youth Society Federation, state university students and participants in the inaugural Local Conference of Youth. The valuable suggestions and ideas contributed by the youth played a crucial role in shaping this manifesto.

    Unveiled during the “Sri Lankan Youth Program” held at the conference in Dubai on December 2, this manifesto marks a historic moment. Notably successful, the program was a collaborative effort of the National Youth Service Council, the Climate Change Office of the Presidential Secretariat and the Ministry of Environment. What makes it even more special is that the youth delegation responsible for this initiative did not rely on any government funds, showcasing their commitment and resourcefulness.

    The youth statement is available at http://www.nysc.lk/youthstatements.pdf.

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