April 15, 2024
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    ISTRM Conducts Public Consultation with Key Stakeholders in Jaffna

    December 19, 2023


    The Interim Secretariat for the Truth and Reconciliation Mechanism (ISTRM) has successfully commenced its ‘National Provincial Public Consultations’ from the Northern province, Jaffna.

    The ISTRM convened with key stakeholders, including civil society organizations, religious leaders, senior professors and lecturers’ from the University of Jaffna, grassroots communities, women’s rights movements from December 10th to December 12th.

    The ISTRM delegation’s visit to Jaffna was aimed at gathering insights and recommendations to formulate a sustainable framework for national unity and reconciliation. Discussions included a comprehensive examination of community challenges and key issues that have been an impediment towards building sustainable peace and reconciliation.

    Officials of the Interim Secretariat held a comprehensive consultation with prominent religious figures, including Chief Priest at Nallur Kovil Maikundal Swami Kurukkal, Bishop of Jaffna Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin B Gnanapragasam,Ven. Damika Thero of the Jaffna Naga Vihara.

    The religious leaders conveyed the expectations, views and concerns of the public and offered prayers and blessings for the success of reconciliation activities, emphasizing the importance of ethnic harmony in the country.

    During the interactions, Director General of ISTRM Dr. Asanga Gunawansa briefed the religious leaders and all participants at the consultations on the activities of the Interim Secretariat and provided insights into the operations of the Independent Commission for Truth, Unity and Reconciliation which is to be established by an Act of parliament.

    With the objective of building an inclusive policy framework for national unity and reconciliation, the Interim Secretariat also gathered views from various stakeholders, including civil society organizations, Senior Government Officials of Jaffna, Senior Academics from the University of Jaffna, professional experts, and representatives of Youth Groups and Women’s Rights movements. These consultations aim to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the perspectives and concerns of diverse segments of the community.

    Executive to the Director General and Legal Ashvini Hapangama, Head of the Secretariat’s
    Policy Division Dr. Yuvi Thangarajah, and senior officials from the Public Relations and Policy division of the ISTRM were present during the comprehensive public consultation process with key stakeholders.

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