June 14, 2024
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    President Chairs Initiative Granting Free Land Deeds in Kilinochchi District

    May 25, 2024

    Under the visionary concept of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, ensuring the full entitlement to free land rights, the Kilinochchi District Program of the “Urumaya” initiative convened this morning (25) at the Nelum Piyasa Hall, Iranimadu presided over by the President.

    A total of 1700 freehold deeds, covering four Divisional Secretariat divisions of the Kilinochchi district, were distributed, with the President symbolically participating in the ceremony overseeing the distribution of the deeds.

    Addressing the gathering, President Wickremesinghe expressed that the government’s ability to grant land rights to the self-sufficient rice farmers of the Wanni district is a remarkable achievement.

    Additionally, the President highlighted plans for agricultural modernization in the country, emphasizing that confirming farmers’ land rights will significantly bolster the advancement of this program.

    President Ranil Wickremesinghe, providing additional remarks, stated:

    “Various dance performances graced the stage, showcasing the exceptional talents of the children from the Kilinochchi district. It is imperative that we support them for their future endeavours. I intend to discuss this matter with the Cultural Division of the Provincial Council and the Ministry of Education to formulate a new program aimed at assisting these young talents.

    Last evening (24), I had the pleasure of attending a musical event featuring the youth from Jaffna. Such opportunities are rare and invaluable. In response to their request, I have committed to organizing a show in July, featuring Indian theatre artists and supported by the Youth Service Council. I encourage all of you to participate in this event.

    Today, significant strides have been taken towards granting free land deeds to the residents of Kilinochchi. Prior to the distribution of these deeds, we diligently sought approval from the respective governors.

    Our objective has never been to impose new regulations; rather, we are committed to allocating land to individuals in accordance with established legal frameworks, akin to the processes followed during colonial times. It is essential that, like the previous landowners, recipients of these deeds also safeguard their land. To ensure this, I have directed the parliamentary committee to conduct a thorough analysis.

    I firmly believe that land ownership is a fundamental right deserving of the local populace. Our farmers, particularly those in the Wanni area, have significantly contributed to the nation’s rice production. Back in 2003, during my tenure as Prime Minister, I initiated a program aimed at achieving self-sufficiency in rice cultivation in this region. Despite challenges posed by the presence of LTTE terrorists in the Wanni area, we pressed forward. Following the signing of a peace agreement and the establishment of a ceasefire, we facilitated the distribution of fertilizer to support agricultural activities in these regions.

    In 2002, the country achieved self-sufficiency in rice production following the provision of fertilizer. The Kilinochchi, Wanni area, along with the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts, holds historical significance as the primary rice cultivation regions in our nation. Under this program, some individuals will obtain land rights for the properties they occupy, while others will gain ownership of the land they cultivate.

    As part of the Agriculture Modernization Program, we aim to revolutionize agriculture nationwide. We are confident that this initiative will foster a more robust and competitive agricultural sector in our country.

    Furthermore, we stand prepared to address the escalating global food demands. It is important to highlight the pivotal role of the Wanni area within the framework of this agricultural program.

    Some individuals in this area have endured the loss of their land as a result of the war. Hence, I urge you to safeguard your land and engage in farming activities or construct homes to pass down to your children”.

    Minister of Fisheries, Douglas Devananda,

    As part of the nationwide initiative to distribute free land deeds to 02 million people, the President has commenced the first phase by granting land deeds to ten thousand residents in the Dambulla area.

    In the subsequent phase, land deeds were distributed to the residents of Jaffna and in the third phase, today (25), the residents of the Kilinochchi district are receiving their land entitlements.

    Additionally, land deeds will be distributed to residents of other districts within the Northern Province tomorrow (26). It is anticipated that a substantial number of individuals in the Kilinochchi district will receive land deeds by the end of June.

    The conflict has left a profound impact on the communities in the northern and eastern regions. The President is committed to rebuilding the infrastructure and opportunities that were lost during the war. As part of this effort, various investment opportunities have been introduced in the north, aiming to enhance the well-being of our people.

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