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    April 26, 2019

    All the security forces of the country must be strengthened and revitalized
    President Maithripala Sirisena said that all the security forces of the country must be strengthened and revitalized to overcome the challenge of terrorism before the country. The President emphasized that he will fulfill the responsibility of providing the leadership and facilities in this regard without any hesitation. He made these remarks during a special meeting held with the Senior Police Officers at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, yesterday (24).
    President Sirisena appreciated the great service rendered by all officers of the Police Department sacrificing their lives in this emergency situation emerged in the country and pointed out the importance of taking future steps in a broad and comprehensive manner to ensure the security of the country and its citizens.Even though the people as well as the security forces in the country had to face new challenge in the wake of this unexpected emergency situation, the President said. He added that he believed that it is not difficult to overcome these challenges with the maximum international support and past experiences of the country.

    The President further said even though there are allegations and criticisms leveled as a result of the ensured democracy and freedom during the past four years, it is the responsibility of those who act honestly and love the country to understand about these developments.This terrorist organization that has links with international organizations is different from the L.T.T.E that we faced for 30 years and we have to face it with a proper strategy, the President said. A number of powerful countries have come forward to eradicate the terrorism unleashed by this terrorist organization that has become a menace to different countries of the world and considering the situation in Sri Lanka these countries are ready to provide technical expertise, and guidance and all the assistance, he said.
    The President further mentioned that today illicit drugs and weapons are a well-connected, completely well-organized network. At this moment, when a strong campaign has been carried out to eradicate illicit drugs and crimes, emergence of terrorism could be a part and parcel of that unholy alliance, he said. He emphasized that in order to win the challenges faced by the country, the strength, knowledge and the understanding as well as the assistance of the international community should be used to the maximum.
    The President expressed his condolences to the relatives of the three police officers who were killed by this tragedy and to their brother officials of the Police department.Secretary to the President Udaya .R. Senevirathne and the senior officers of the Ministry of Defense, Commander of the Army, Inspector General of police, Senior Deputy Inspector Generals of Police, Heads of Police stations, and other senior police officials were present in this event.

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