January 26, 2020
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    EU delegates here to monitor GSP Plus trade programme

    April 04, 2018
    A high-level delegation of European Union Parliamentarians arrives in Colombo today to evaluate Sri Lanka’s membership to the GSP Plus trading programme.
    A spokesperson for the EU Embassy in Colombo said the MPs would meet with representatives from government, civil society, trade unions, and international organizations to discuss the initial results of the preferential trade scheme.
    The EU restored Sri Lanka to the reduced tariff programme last May, fulfilling a key promise of the Unity Government. But Sri Lanka’s ongoing membership to the programme is tied to the country’s compliance with certain international human rights and environmental conventions. Sri Lanka was expelled in 2011 because of allegations of human rights abuses and war crimes.
    The discussions this week will “enhance the (EU’s) dialogue with Sri Lanka on the remaining challenges,” an EU statement read.
    The delegation includes members of the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade, as well as Sajjad Karim, the Standing Rapporteur for South Asia.
    The MPs will hold a press briefing on Thursday, before departing the country Friday.

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