October 07, 2022
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    Laksenpaya garden is the best in Nagarayata Uyanwathu’ competition

    July 03, 2018

    The garden farm, maintained around the ‘Laksenpaya' official bungalow for VIPs in the 11 Division premises in Pallekele, Kandy was adjudged the best (first place) in the Central Province’s Department of Agriculture - conducted ‘Nagarayata Uyanwathu’ competition, across the Central Province in the year 2017.

     After the results of the competition were announced a few weeks ago, the Kandurata Sevaya Radio (radio channel of upcountry) visited the location and transmitted a live broadcast in the ‘Aswenna’ (harvest) conversational programme.

     During the radio conversation, the interviewers spoke to the troops who toil to maintain this garden farm and appreciated the Army’s contribution to the ‘Api Wawamu - Rata Nagamu’ national drive of the Presidential Secretariat.

     11 Division General Officer Commanding, Senior Officers and agricultural instructors of the Central Province Department of Agriculture appreciated the efforts of Army gardeners.

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