December 02, 2022
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    Tea exports up to 25.2 Mnkg in July

    August 21, 2018

    Sri Lanka tea exports in July which stood at 25.2 million kilograms (Mnkg) dropped a sharp 6% compared to last year but is up on June quantity of 24.7 Mnkg. Exports for the period January to July which was 162.7 mnkg is however lower YoY to 2017 figure of 165.3 mnkg. US Dollar earnings for the seven month period have dipped to $ 854 million from $ 871 million last year.

    Tea exports to key destinations Russia, CIS declined to 29 mnkg from 31 mnkg last year. Exports to Iran declined to 13.3 mnkg from 15.6 mnkg, Japan to 4 mnkg from 4.7. Although exports to Turkey were nominally higher at 20.2 mnkg, it is likely to dip in August following the currency crisis.

    China continues its positive trend and exports were up 17% from 5.3 mnkg to 6.3 mnkg this year, whilst Iraq has grown to22.6 mnkg from 18.5 mnkg.

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