June 06, 2020
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    Two suspects in Town Hall Bomb Blast sentenced to 290 and 300 yrs

    October 01, 2015

    The Colombo High Court sentenced two Suspects in Town Hall Colombo Municipal Ground suicide bomb attack targeting former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga on December 18, 1999,  to 290 and 300 years imprisonment  to be served in 30 years. 

    Colombo High Court Judge Padmini N. Ranawaka Gunathilaka sentenced V. Varadaraja and C.I. Ragupathy who were convicted of detonating a bomb at Town Hall and killing 26 people to 290 to 300 years Rigorous Imprisonment to be served in 30 year
    Meanwhile, the third suspect in the cause Wasanthi Raghupathi, has been acquited due to lack of evidence by the Colombo High Court. 
    The judge in her judgement has said that twenty six persons, including a DIG were killed in this suicide attack and former President Chandrika Bandarnaike Kumaratunga lost an eye following this suicide attack.
    The judge in her verdict has said that this suicide attack was a result of a conspiracy by the first and third accused with the LTTE members and their objective was to assassinate the country's leader.  She has also said that the suicide bomb attack not only targetted former President Chandrika Bandarnaike Bandaranaike but the entire countrymen.
    The court has upheld that the two accused were involved in a conspiracy to carry out this suicide attack after a lengthty trial.
    Senior State Counsel Chaminda Athukorala, Asela Serasinghe and Senior Solicitor General Kapila Waidyarathna, PC led the prosecution.

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