December 07, 2019
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    Matara District Disaster Management Committee reviews action plan

    January 19, 2016

    A workshop to implement Matara District's Disaster Management Committee action plan was held recenly under the patronage of Matara District Secretary E.A.C.Vidanagamachchi at the District Secretariat Auditorium.

    During the discussion it was emphasised that all responsible institutions in the Matara District should jointly implement these actions. As soon as an disasterous situation arises, irrespective of whether it is on a holiday, all officers should act with commitment and should bring to the notice of all concerned of the situation through a SMS, it was revealed. Also the active participation of government officers, the Police, voluntaryorganizations and the public is mandatory, Vidanagamachchi reiterated.


    The workshop was organized with the objective of preparing the coordinating mechanism after receiving feedback from state institutions and other parties of any disaster situation that could occur in theMatara District, inspection, decision making, taking responsibilities and identification of any loopholes.


    Following the brief discription on the objectives of the workshop by Vidanagamachchi, a clarification was made by the Asst. Director of the Matara District Disaster Management Coordination Unit Lieutenant Colonel U.A.A.P.Ubesiriwardena on implementing the initial stage of the Disater Management Plan and reorganization of the Committee.


    Provincial Secretaries representing all Provincial Secretariat Divisions of the Matara District and members of the Disaster Management Committee participated in the workshop.

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