April 19, 2019

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    Government compensates two fisher families

    January 06, 2017
    Two families were compensated 2 million by the government for their members who had lost lives while engaging in fishing at sea in the extreme weather condition that prevailed in April of last year. Minister of fisheries and aquatic resources Development Mahinda Amaraweerad made a request from the Cabinet of Ministers having received the necessary information from the Fisheries Office in Chilaw District and obtained the approval to compensate them.  
    The two families were rendered helpless due to the sudden death of the providers to the families. Accordingly Ms. Siththi Faslin, wife of late  Mohommad Samin was awarded with Rs one million by Minister of Fisheries in Kalpitiya.
    The Minister addressing the audience mentioned that fisher community immensely contributes to the development of national economy. He went on to say that fishermen are not a group that should be left helpless. “They live with dignity and risk their lives to harvest the fish resource to make national economy opulent. Therefore, as a government we have a responsibility to help them when needed”.
    “The current government under president Sirisena never acts to take unfavourable decisions regarding the public. We always attempt to give them the best. Some groups are accusing us that we are not implementing development programs.

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