June 30, 2022
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    Health Ministry drafts National Immunization Policy document

    August 11, 2014

    The Ministry of Health has taken steps to draft the policy document on National Immunization which will help Sri Lanka, to be a country free of vaccine preventable diseases of public Health importance.


    The main objective of the immunization policy is to have a country free of vaccine preventable diseases of public health importance by ensuring the use of efficacious, safe and quality vaccines relevant to the health care needs of the people in a sustainable and equitable manner.


    The Ministry of Health has developed this immunization policy with the close collaboration from all stakeholders including clinicians, academia, Ministry of Finance & Planning, Ministry of Education, Legal draftsmen Department and relevant professional bodies. Further, the contents of this policy was informed to the Public through the National print media in all three languages and well incorporated their comments.


    The National committee consisting of all stakeholders has reviewed this document and agreed with the contents. The development process has taken nearly 30 months. (ST/KH)

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